Jozi’s Books and Blogs Festivities is a non-profit initiative which aims to showcase Literary Greats so as to inspire and challenge the young and old in our communities to become more involved in reading and writing.

Our initiative includes online live interviews with literary personnel, book giveaways and book launches.

We also host an annual Jozi’s Books and Blogs Festival at a school in Lenasia.

Jozi’s Books and Blogs Festival is a gathering of Jozi’s Best-selling authors, award winning journalists, acclaimed bloggers and future literary artists …

Every year we pay tribute to our literary greats. In 2016 we honoured our living legends Poet and Author Dr Don Mattera and Author Ahmed Essop. The festival consists of engaging panel discussions with literary greats, reading sessions, new release promos, adult and teen blogging workshops, teen writing workshops as well as storytelling, puppet shows and craft making for the kids.